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Aquaponic Gardening – A Healthy Sustainable Environment

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Aquaponic Gardening - A Healthy Sustainable Environment

Aquaponic gardening is the combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture.

The environment of a hydroponic garden is maintained by regular addition or replacement of nutrients (additions to the aquaculture system).

The structure of the aquaculture system is similar to that of a fish tank where the water is circulated through a filter to remove solids, waste, and waste products.

The aquaculture system for your aquaponic garden keeps your crops healthy.

Decorating your backyard with a beautiful garden gourmet style can be a time consuming process.

      However, the results of a successful aquaponic garden can be rewarding. Your family will be able to enjoy delicious home grown meals with a virtually no maintenance produce – regardless of the time of year.


Best of all – aquaponic gardening is easy!

No weeding,

No backbreaking work,

No expensive materials or tools,

No crop rotation,

Plant disease is kept at bay,

There is no need for artificial fertilizers,

And the pests and weeds don’t even come close!

Aquaponic gardening is not difficult at all.

Water Source

The best way to ensure a sustainable garden is to use the water that flows through your aquaponic system as opposed to for example digging a natural pond or dependency on a daily watering of your plants.

The aquaculture system ensures you have a very reliable water source. You could even hold your own aquatic bird species if you wish. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

Proper aeration of the water provides the basis for the types of nutrients that will be circulated to the plants.

There are natural nutrients that are already contained in the water which means almost no additional nutrients are required.

However, you can choose to apply plant food once every month.


Ponics is a way of planting plants without soil.

It is often used by organic gardeners.

No weeding required!

No need for crop rotation!

The roots of the plants are placed in a grow chamber.

The plants are fed using a nutrient solution.

The nutrients are gently sprayed on to the roots over a period of several minutes.

The plants are then grown until they are harvested.

Water Source  สล็อตเเว็บตรงเเตกง่าย

The aquaponic system ensures you have a very reliable water supply.

Your fish are largely free of disease and they are well nourished.

The water is then filtered and cleaned before flowing through the system.

The water is capable of holding approximately 170 litres at any one time.

If there is a shortage of water inside the system your plants will still survive.

The aquaponic system is capable of providing almost the same nutrients that would be found in the typical soil based gardens. สล็อตเว็บตรง

The only difference in the nutrients would be that you are not growing the plants in soil, so the plants receive no soil borne diseases, weed seeds, or annoying bugs. 

The plants receive all the correct nutrients for the stage of growth they are in.

The plants are supplied with all their nutrients from the aquaculture system and the water is re-circulated back to the fish keeping system again. 


An aquaponic system is very energy-efficient and low-cost to run.
You could operate a small aquaponic system yourself, provided you have the necessary skills and tools to do it properly. Or you could hire someone to come and build it for you. 

Aquaponics – A Growing Passion

An aquaponic garden is a horticultural system that will provide you with a harvest of fresh organic fish and fresh organic vegetables.

It is a system that combines the high availability of nutrients found in the fish emulsion with the high availability of nutrients found in the vegetables that the fish are fed on. สล็อตเว็บตรง


This style of system is ideally suited to climates that have short growing seasons.

Early Spring is the best time to establish your aquaponic garden.

The plants will establish themselves well in the water before the growing season begins.

Autumn is the time to harvest your fruits and vegetables.

And finally, Winter is the time to clean and store your aquaponic garden equipment and supplies.

Benefits of an Aquaponic Garden สล็อตเว็บตรง

An aquaponic garden will provide you with a self-sustaining source of protein and other nutrients.

How many times have you purchased the most expensive, expensive food from the local grocery store, but it has not been as fresh as it could be?

Sure, it might look good on the jar of store bought tomatoes, but it lacks that special taste and quality that only fresh tomatoes can provide.