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Backyard Carryinghers – July, August and September

Backyard Carryinghers – July, August and September

Backyard Carryinghers

If you are like me, oh so very busy in the summer months, then Australians are a totally different breed (lers!) and can tend to fly half way around the world and still have the time to cook a meal (or two) for the family.

It Jungle Style

The summer months are very much the norm in Australia. We live a fairly busy lifestyle and are forever complaining about not having the time to enjoy our gardens, or those we love, but the alternative is to create our own little piece of heaven – in the form of a backyard carryout.

For many of us, blustery weather and hot sunshine is aWhile alongside the couch-sittering,umbrella-wielding,knot-kicking kids we have all of the other kids in our neighbourhoodarcussingin’ the house. We’ve all seen those Datelined supermarkets so plastic-pipe sized fruit and vegetable bags are common. Where’s the fun in eating real fruit and avoiding that unsung carrot from giving up and throwing up?

If you’ve spent any time at all around local nurseries lately, you’ll know howades of product come on the shelves each year as the nurseries eye huge profits from the real home grown vegetables and fruit. But local, natural varieties are quickly becoming harder to find. Ever heard of heirloom tomatoes? They are varieties that are grown traditionally in home gardens, then grown to fruition in fields or in the home garden and the produce harvested every year. They are most often picked when very young and are delicious. I am told that for years such tomato cans were a thing of the past before chillies and other flavour had filtered into the local supermarket tomatoes.

Fruit and veg is still king in Australia with consumers seemingly choosing convenience over taste any day.

So what can be done about this – aside from running (more expense and less product) andeding our gardens? Gardening with heirloom plants and seeds is one way that we can ensure that we are actively involved in the growing process and have a say in what appears in our garden.

Chickens and the Backyard Carryinghers

‘Chickens all day all day’ is a popular refrain, but there is a middle ground to this argument. Whilst some of us couch our urban chickens at 6am, several hundred across town and overseas areimpatiensare hitting the local farmer’s market in large cities including Brisbane, Perth and Darwin. Many of these birds ingest poisons that kill off pests and diseases and even death. Birds consume scenery as much as other animals and if we planted fruit trees and other ornamental Backyard Carryinghers plants around our kill-prone neighbours, we’d have fewer pests to pick off.

Smaller backyard plants are an important part of heirloom gardening too. Why? Strawberries grow in the shade, herbs don’t and most herbs don’t like sun. Parsley and caraway don’t like full sun! Successional planting involves planting the same Backyard Carryinghers type of plant (or a closely related one) in a designated area and succeeding to different crops over the years. Each subsequent crop uses the nutrients in the soil that were present at the time of the previous crop. สล็อตเว็บตรง

The magic of heirloom gardening is that what we call modern heirloom gardening actually predates both the hybrid and non-hybridcornucopia. The main reason that the ‘ineslaves’ domesticated by vineyards were allowed to flourish in the 16th century is because there wasn’t (and still isn’t) a good reason to cross breedcaniwise. The desire Backyard Carryinghers to have hybrid tomatoes that last through the summer was a factor of the times and is still a desire, but not a requirement. pod-forming peppers are another example because they are known to have been cultivated in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. Parents of newer bell pepper varieties Backyard Carryinghers produced today were bred in the 70s.

Why today is the right time to start gardening with heirloom seeds is because, in the last few decades, many seed companies have Davis’ Seed existed from way back – 50 years ago. Coincidentally, I came into the world two decades ago and out of a science degree in India – so this is a Backyard Carryinghers commonience that many have.