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Affiliate Income Explained

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most talked about methods of making money online.  Simply put, affiliate marketing is a marketing game in which an affiliate or a middle man earns a commission for each sale that is made through him.  The affiliate is responsible for sending business to a product through his marketing efforts.  To illustrate the concept, follow the example of one of my affiliates, Rosalind Gardner.

Rosalind Gardner is well known in the network marketing and affiliate marketing circles.  She rocketed to fame in 1998 and has since become one of the most successful network marketers and affiliate marketers.  In 2005, sheLeave No Stone unturned was awarded a star billing in People Search, a magazine focused on businesses.  This resulted in quite a buzz that generated more than 25,000 magazine articles.

What this means to you is that Rosalind Gardner’s name is anywhere on the net and she is a legitimate person to deal with.  If you are one of the many people who want to make money online, without all the hassle of creating your own products and selling them, affiliate marketing is for you.


The Affiliate:

If you are just starting out and have little or no experience in marketing then you should start out selling someone else’s product.  This is known as being an affiliate.  It is best to research a product and see if it has an affiliate program so that you can get involved.  If you are not sure how to find these programs, you can always use the search engines.  Type Rosalind Gardner’s name into the search engine and you would probably find a whole lot of articles about her.

If you own a site that is distribution specific, you would want to be an affiliate for just about anything related to that site.  Find things that are related to the topic of the site and add links to the site that would be beneficial to you.  Once you have found a few sites that interest you, you should investigate each site to see if they have an affiliate program.


The Commission:

The commissions vary from program to program.  While some pay commissions of up to 75% others may pay 10% or less.  You should investigate the payment schedule of the program to ensure you will be able to make money.  For example, there may be a 300% commission on a $100 product, but if the commission is 10% it does not make sense.  Do you get more money for driving a thousand people to the site or for pointing them in the right direction?

It is also imperative that you check on the payment plan.  For example, it might be weeks or months before you get paid for the sales you have generated.  The program should have a method for you to know how much money you will make at each stage.  Also, ensure that you can opt to receive payment via PayPal.  Many companies will not send a check unless you have timely evidence of how much money you have earned.

The Support System:

Affiliate marketing is a business venture and you are not your own one.  There are support systems that you can hire to help you deal with the daily activities of your online business.  These systems will also help you to get your site properly set up so that you can run an efficient operation.  Some of the things that you will need include an autoresponder, a website, and easy contact with the company of which you are promoting the products.


Choosing Your Products

One of the key tasks in starting as an affiliate marketer is choosing the right products.  To pick good products, you must examine the product and sales page carefully.  If the products are garbage, you will not want to promote them.  You may want to avoid affiliates that sell questionable products or those products that pay below 50% commissions.  Choose your products wisely and do not waste your time promoting things that nobody desires or uses.

Getting Traffic

Once you have chosen the products you wish to promote, you should start driving traffic to your site.  Many affiliates use pay-per-click advertising.  To make money, you will want to start small and build and establish a readership base.  To do this, you will have to drive targeted traffic to your site.  Many tools, such as Google AdWords, can help you to do this quickly.


Write articles about your products and submit them to article directories. Aside from article directories, you should write your own articles and circulate them on the web. Article directories will permit you to use articles you have written in a separate article on another site. Though reprint rights are granted with the proper papers, you may not use the article but you can include the resource box and the hyperlink to your own website where your affiliate links are.