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A Sad incomparable World – Its Reality

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A Sad incomparable World - Its Reality


I’ve been watching the world unfold for a long time, and I am amazed at how quickly our world has changed in the last 20 years. I remember the 80’s and 90’s with the Microsoft Windows, with windows blue screen disaster. The shock came when people thought that computers would never crash, and then they were smitten when Mac’s came out with simple software to make your computer run faster.

I was on the phone with one of my dearest friends when the news came that Windows blue screen had crashed. I asked her, why would the Mac crash? She told me that Mac was faster than Windows. That might not be true, I thought, I better check the data drive. I didn’t have an iMac at the time, so I went online and found out that an iMac had crash in December 2002, this was 9 years ago!

If 9 years is not long enough, imagine 1 year ago. Now imagine that you are doing your job, writing a letter in your MS Word document, when you suddenly receive a Macintosh message that the hard drive is not working, it’s not defragging the hard drive, it hasn’t been backed up in over a year. So what do you do?  

I’m sorry but this is out of control, people. There is too much information available on the internet, you cannot possiblyfserf the amount of information.

I remember years ago I was working on a school project. I had limited computer knowledge at the time, so I had to turn to one of my advisors and ask him to program a data file that I could use to calculatorically divide my data into tabs and then into a pie chart. I recall him telling me that the Macintosh computer had these capabilities built in–I’m proud to say I did not need his advice.

When I first got this Macintosh, I was able to get thebage collector application, because it was bundled with every Macintosh computer. The utilities section of the Mac OS made it easy to find and repair the most common errors. If ScanDisk did not find the problem, however, it would have to be sent to the apple support people because it was a proprietary software. Apparently, if you own a Macintosh computer and you do not use ScanDisk, then you have no idea what ScanDisk does or how it works. If you do need a registry cleaner, however, it can easily be downloaded from apple support.        

When I went to buy my new computer I searched on the internet for registry cleanerprograms and I was shocked at the great selection of programs that were available to me. I found a registry cleaner that was a bit cheaper than its competitors and I bought it without hesitation.

When you use this software, you just open the registry editor. Then you go to thekeyshiballow you to scan the computer for the specific errors. You can also try to repair these errors with the Windows Explorer. But you should be careful when you do this, because it is easy to make a mistake that will surely bring Windows registry problems.

The best option is to use a registry cleaner, which is software that will repair the registry. The advantage of this is that it will do it automatically. It will compare the registry entries and remove any that are not matching the descriptions in the register cleaner. You can try it on your own and see how effective it is.